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Adult Matchmaking Services

Why Do Men Hire a Matchmaker?

Many of our male clients are successful, accomplished adults who aspire to an outstanding love life. Many, initially, did not think of using adult matchmaking services.


The reason our clients use the expertise of adult matchmaking are multiple:


They want the utmost quality

They want to save time

They care about their discretion and confidentiality

They are after success in all aspects of their life


High-end matchmakers operate exactly as executive headhunters, using headhunting skills and techniques to find your best match.

Our Premium Adult Matchmaking Process

Many adult matchmaking sites are impersonal. Online dating is a daunting process with often fruitless results.


We are flooded with possibilities, yet the rise of the internet, smartphones and dating apps have not made dating any more successful. Finding a compatible person has become more difficult. In an ever-increasing digital world where singles are constantly on the rise and lead busy lives, how do professional adults take the time to meet a compatible partner meeting their aspirations and values?


This is where we adult matchmakers, have a role to play.


At ML Introductions, we provide you with outstanding quality matches by connecting you with amazing women in a totally offline, discreet, safe, and stress-free manner.

Our success is based on our personal approach. We take the time to know you, and what you are looking for in a partner and touch base with our wide network of gorgeous and sophisticated women. We carefully hand-pick each match and arrange introductions for you.

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Why work with us


An international network

We create introductions in Europe and in Australia


A quality & exclusive service

We see each of our client as unique


Discretion & confidentiality


Professionalism & experience

We deliver our services in a very discreet manner

We combine over 10 years in the industry 

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