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Are you ready to take the step?

Our passion is to bring people together, and we do it in the entire world.

We create introductions in Sydney; Australia, in Europe, in North America, Asia, and the rest of the globe.


The world has never been more connected, yet people never felt lonelier.

In a society where AI and singles are on the rise, we connect you to the real world, with real people who want real connections.
No dating for the sake of a dopamine boost or to sell you cryptocurrency. 

This is where, we, Matchmakers, make a real difference. 


Our ML Introductions team of executive matchmakers find quality matches for professional, accomplished singles who value our elite matchmaking expertise and network to find their dream partner.  


As Matchmakers, we have learnt to use the right combination of modern techniques, a dash of technology and a lot of human touch to foster real connections. 

Each introduction is meticulously crafted for you behind the scenes. We spend precious time to assess each profile, based on our understanding of you. Together, we constantly finetune our search and learn about you along the way.



ML Introductions is about taking the time to discover one person at the time. We preach the opposite of applications and online dating.

Therefore, we invite you to approach each introduction in its singularity and consider the uniqueness of each one.


In our vision, a matchmaking journey entails more than just introductions. More than an encounter with alterity, it is also an invitation with yourself.  


Something we like to mention matchmaking also involves your collaboration. If we do the work of selection, the outcome is also about you. Therefore, sometimes, if we feel it is necessary, we had a little zest of dating coaching. We know it can create wonders. 


At ML Introductions, we also have a particular vision. 

Read more about our model here

Now, let us begin our mission for you. 


Why hire a Matchmaker?


Outsource the search

Relief from the digital fatigue

Pre-vetted Matches

Quality introductions


Increase your chance of success

Get to know yourself

Define your ideal partner

Save time and disappointments


Join an exclusive community

Meet our raw diamonds

Open your horizons

Access unprecedented relationship opportunities


Are you a leader who knows what he wants ?


Someone who excels professionally and aspires to the same in his private life?​

Working with bright men is what do best.

Let us introduce you to your dream woman.


Each matchmaking journey starts with an in person meeting, either in our office or in your own space before discussing membership options.


For men


For women

Are you an accomplished woman, looking for a trusted quality dating process? 

By working with a matchmaker and expert, you put chances on your side to enable your development while meeting quality and serious men. 

Our matchmaking process for women starts with a consultation where we assess your profile, and opportunities for you.

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In Australia

Our members are mainly open-minded, cosmopolitan Australians who aspire to a better, more sophisticated, and quality dating life and who are curious about the world.

We also have a large database of expats in Sydney and pride ourselves with creating beautiful, refreshing connections.

Эйфелева башня Париж

International Matchmaking

We believe love has no borders and we are an example of it. 
We benefit from an extensive network in Europe.

Whether you are going on a short trip or longer, we will happily organise our best introductions for you in the city of love, or elsewhere.

How we work


The Discussion

We always start our journey with a deep, thorough interview.

Together, we delve into your story and discuss your wishes and the future.

This is the first crucial step that enables us to get a real sense of you to proceed with our search.


The Search

Once we have gathered all the elements, this is the moment where we reach arms to our extensive network and establish a selection of our most suitable matches for you.


Ready to go?

We start with our first introductions for you.


The Experience

Has everyone agreed to meet and is everything set up?


Time for your first encounter.

We make sure to organize as many details as possible in order to provide you with the best experience.

We go the extra mile for you.


The Feedback

It’s been great and you want to explore? You're unsure? 

Let us know.

We love your feedback. 

We can also give a little advice to make things even smoother

A tailor-made approach.

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