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Start your Matchmaking Journey in Sydney, AUS

Ready to embark on your matchmaking journey?

What are our Matchmaking options?

Our clients are high-level, accomplished men who know what they want and are willing to find the partner they deserve.

After a careful assessment of your needs in a thorough discussion, we tap into our extensive network of single women, who apply as our Guests.

We apply two formulas: men become Private Members and women join as Guests.

Private Member -
For Men

This service is available to accomplish and eligible single men willing to hire our Private Matchmakers services based in Australia or Europe.


By becoming a private member, you will benefit from the most exclusive and personal experience which includes:

✓ A careful assessment of you, your personality and wishes

✓ An active search for high-quality profiles of women

✓ Ongoing guidance and support 

Be ready to onboard on an insightful journey of knowing yourself, and an eventful experience!


For more information about our exclusive matchmaking services, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch quickly. We will handle your information with absolute discretion and care.

Each matchmaking journey starts with an in person meeting, either in our office or in your own space before discussing membership options.

For Women

Do you wish to meet an exceptional man with outstanding qualities, the whole thing in a safe dating process you can trust? 

By joining our private network of single women, you become eligible and potentially to be selected for one of our male clients.

Our matchmaking process for women starts with a consultation.


During this consultation, we assess your profile,  

 your personality, wishes , lifestyles and values, using our matchmaking skills, and assess the potential we have for your.

At the end of this consultation, we will be able to guide you more and see if we can match you with one of our clients, and tell you what we can do.

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