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Premium Matchmaking Services for Men

A unique model :
Men are members, Women are Guests

ML Introductions is a team of high-end matchmakers, delivering premium matchmaking services to our male clients. Accomplished and intelligent men who are serious about finding the woman of their dreams. 


Founded by Marjorie Libourel, who worked many years as a top matchmaker in Brussels, the heart of Europe for many years, we decided to bring our unique matchmaking expertise and sense of service to Sydney, Australia, and its other major cities: Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane.

We see ourselves as boutique headhunters. 

Our services are bespoke and unique.

As executive Matchmakers, we have the capacity to match you almost anywhere, depending on your wishes.

Founded by Marjorie Libourel, who was a top French matchmaker in Europe for many years, ML Introductions, our male clients use our elite matchmaking services to be introduced to highly compatible women to build long-lasting and committed relationships. 

Why premium matchmaker services for men? 

Exceptional services for exceptional men

What sets us apart is that we actively work for men only. Over the years and during our careers as high-end matchmakers, we first worked for other agencies and came to the following conclusion: most agencies do not satisfy men and women’s desires when it comes to finding a partner . 


Our years of experience in the field of premium matchmaking enabled us to unveil something: only a groundbreaking business model promoting transparency and unveiling the truth about what men and women want can lead to success. This is how we have become experts at working with high caliber men. We understand men’s needs, but we also grasp women. 

As elite matchmakers, our mission is to translate men and women’s wishes to facilitate more harmony between the masculine and feminine energy. Promoting a better dialogue between is what we do best, and what we teach in a society that is consumed by extremes such radical feminism, individualism. At ML Introductions, we dare telling the truth and know what men and women want in a partner. Our clients thank us for that.


What high end Matchmaking is about

Premium Matchmaking Services: 
Our promise to you

Premium matchmaking entails a thorough understanding of your personality, your interests, your values, and needs when it comes to finding the right woman. We get to know you deeply.

Using a human centric approach, a deep sense of intuition and skillful headhunting techniques, ML Introductions focuses on delivering elite matchmaking services to our male clients. Together, we craft beautiful introductions with compatible women to build long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. 


After years in the field of dating, matchmaking and relationships, we know what clients want and deliver accordingly.

Modern dating might have drastically, yet men and women’s desires and sought after traits in a partner have not really changed. At ML Introductions, we do not overlook fundamental male and female differences. We work with strong, confident men and beautiful and intelligent women who inhabit their feminine energy.

Our matchmaking services are premium in the sense that they we work in a very personalised manner. Each of our client is unique. We take the time to listen to them and offer them tailor made introductions with women we judge compatible to their dreams and goals. 

We are also elite matchmakers, as we possess a global network. This enables us to find outstanding matches for you in Australia, Europe, or almost all over the world. 

As elite matchmakers, our mission is to introduce you to individuals we judge highly compatible. What comes next, is also up to you.

Why work with us

Unsurpassed efforts & quality of service

A unique, personal service tailored to your needs: hiring a premium matchmaker is like hiring a personal headhunter. We get to know you deeply. Then, we tap into our extensive network of eligible single women, always keeping you and your personality and your preferences in mind, all the way until we find your match.

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A careful hand selected selection 

Each person you will meet will be the result of a careful hand selection from your high-end matchmaker. Women who not only match your criteria but whom we are confident you will also connect with to share a lifetime together.


Executive Search & Headhunting :
We have no limits to find your match

“How big is your database?” is a question we often get asked. 

Yet it is not really relevant.

With women joining our Global Guest Network daily, we have a very large database of single women all over the world. 

However, our elite matchmaking services go well beyond passively matching registered members, which is just the easiest option.

Our efforts for you to find your match go well beyond simple matchmaking doing Headhunting when necessary. We go get your special person, wherever she may be.  We constantly recruit amazing women, daily, after carefully screening their profile through a thorough interview. This is what real Executive Premium Matchmaking Services are to us.

We consider our matchmaking services as premium as we go the extra mile for them and will do whatever it takes to find that special one. This can be done via a meticulous headhunting process, where we also use astute techniques to find the ideal female match for our client.

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