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Matchmaking Services in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why does ML Introduction only service men actively?

Men and women function differently, and we have a high understanding of these differences. While women generally seem to be more comfortable in hiring professional matchmakers, men are still sometimes impeded by limiting beliefs to use matchmaking services. This why most matchmaking agencies suffer from an imbalanced ratio of men and women. By choosing to work with men only, there is no imbalance in the men and women ratio. We tap into our network of women and carefully hand-select them, which leads to excellent matches and ultimtely, excellent results. 

  • How does the ML Introductions system work and why is it different?

In our agency, men are private members and women are guests. We, professional matchmakers, work actively for our male private members: we tap into our pool of single ladies, who register for free. This approach is transparent, ethical, and guarantees a superior quality of matches and success.

  • What sets ML Introductions apart?

We are highly experienced professional matchmakers, used at working with high-level masculine profiles to find the woman of their dream. Our level of attentiveness, personal service, and relationship skills are unsurpassed.
We speak several languages, benefit from a solid international network, and apply rigorous methods to our matchmaking process.

  • What is an Executive Matchmaker?

Just like an executive recruiter helps find the right candidate for a job, an executive matchmaker helps you find the right partner. A good matchmaker needs to have outstanding emotional skills combined to a solid network, methodology, and ethics. We work hard at embodying these qualities, daily.

  • Who are Executive Matchmaking Services for?

Our professional matchmaking services are directed to accomplished single men seeking women to spend the great lives they have with. Our men clients want to escape the dating apps to save time, and delegate their partner search to us, experienced professional matchmakers, for an outstanding quality of service and be introduced to exceptional women.

  • How much does a ML Introductions membership cost?

We service to a professional clientele. Our packages are created and adapted to each client’s personal needs.

  • How large is your Database?

We possess a large network of singles, but matchmaking goes well beyond a database. It is about finding the right raw diamond for you. We use diverse searching techniques for our members. Using diversified techniques enable us to find outstanding candidates for you.

  • Where are ML Introductions offices located?

We have an office in Sydney, Australia, and Brussels, Belgium. We operate in Sydney, Australia and in European cities such as Paris, Brussels, London and Amsterdam and benefit from an extended network on these continents. We also have connections in Singapore, and the United States.

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