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Sydney & Australia Premium Matchmaking Services

Why Use Professional Matchmaking Services
in Sydney

We are delighted to present you our Premium Australia wide Matchmaking services, located in Sydney Australia and servicing its major cities including Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.


Marjorie’s idea was to bring a fresh and innovative matchmaking concept down under.


After her arrival in Sydney, she screened the Australian matchmaking industry and concluded there was space for a more innovative, worldly, and bespoke matchmaking services destined to well-travelled Australian clientele aspiring to bigger horizons when it comes to finding love.


We have no limits for our Australian matchmaking clients. We scan the big island for them, but also create connections all over the world. We are experts in premium matchmaking search and able to match our members anywhere: whether within their city, in the United States or Europe.


We are very well connected in both Sydney and across Australia and have the capacity to connect you across locally, nationally, or internationally, depending on your criteria and your readiness to enlarge your vision. The world has no border to us, and we have the capacity to spread our wings for you wherever you wish us to.

While hiring a professional matchmaker is widely part of the

norm in many parts of the world, we noticed some Australians seem to can be quite guarded when it comes to use professional matchmaking services.

Australia needs highly trained professional matchmakers. Sydney is full of successful and affluent individuals, yet who struggle in their love life and remain single.


Despite the ever - a growing number of singles in Australia, Sydney dating life is for many disappointing and frustrating. Many of them spend important time on dating apps but get poor relationship quality. Meeting suitable people, and building quality, authentic, long-lasting relationships seems highly difficult for many adults in Sydney and Australia. Whilst it is quite easy to find casual
dating and casual relationships, it seems much harder to find meaningful connections.

Good news, we are here to help.

A new concept in Australia's matchmaking industry

We are Europeans bringing our best matchmaking techniques and experience in Sydney.

When arriving in the city, we realised there was a real need for highly personal and professional matchmaking services bringing their knowledge from a well-established international experience.


We thoroughly observed the Sydney and Australian dating world. We scanned, interviewed, and exchanged with eligible singles and their pitfalls to finding love. Dating apps are isolating, and fast-food dating is at its highest in the east coast cities.


After almost a decade in the industry, we decided ML Introductions would take this very specific path: direct our premium matchmaking services to men exclusively, with women joining our Guest list.  Some told us online dating was big in Sydney and Australia, and that Australian men would not pay for matchmaking services. The truth is every day, more and more aspiring Sydney male professionals and outstanding, honorable singles decide to trust us with this most special mission: finding their perfect match.


Australia is a gorgeous and immaculate place. Its remoteness in the world makes it precious, safe, and unique. Yet if it contributes to its beauty and preservation, it can also explain the certain isolation some Australians might find when it comes to finding love. Although based in Sydney, our matchmaking services have no borders. During our interview, we will assess your criteria and how open you are to expand your search and will focus our matchmaking search on the geographical dimension that is suitable for you

Sydney is full of successful and affluent singles who struggle in their love life and remain single. There is an ever-growing pandemic of loneliness due to an increased use of technology in the world, whether that is in Sydney or in all major cities on the planet, with an ever-increasing rise of singles. 


Many of us spend a considerable amount of time on dating apps, only to get poor, daunting results and low value dates. For many of us, meeting suitable people, and building quality, authentic, long-lasting relationships seems highly difficult. We also notice a decline of basic relationships and dating skills.


As matchmakers, we see it as our mission to bring Sydney singles back to the basics, re insufflate some romance and some chivalry. We take you back to a time where decency, connection and quality were still present, away from the anonymous dating technology has induced in our lives.  We remove its casual aspect, the waste of time, the lack of meaning and enable meaningful connections.


We believe our team of professional matchmakers has a crucial role to play to radically transform dating practices in Sydney and across Australia. Our premium matchmaking services enable more depth. They make space for real, powerful, introductions through our matchmaking and coaching skills to provide a new, refreshing vision of dating, combined to a more authentic, more self-aware version of yourself. Matchmaking enables the creation of meaningful encounters. And just like Esther Perel, we believe the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Our Sydney professional matchmakers shake the earth to find your soulmate. Using our unsurpassed expertise, headhunting techniques and networking skills, we bring a human touch that makes the whole difference.  Our matchmaking touch is unique, and we highly value our connection with you. By hiring us, you decide to immediately feel the difference ad finally give yourself the quality you aspire to.

Get in touch with us today.

Create Meaningful Connections

We need more human touch than ever. In a digital world where singles are constantly on the rise, using professional matchmaking services and dating coaching is more than ever needed.


Many of us really lost touch with basic relationships and dating skills. We believe our team of professional matchmakers has a crucial role to play in Sydney and in Australia.


We want to bring more depth, and create real, powerful, stories through our matchmaking and coaching skills to provide a new, refreshing vision of dating, combined to a more authentic, more self-aware version of yourself. Having a fulfilling relationship contributes greatly to having a fulfilling life.


Why work with us


An international network

We create introductions in Europe and in Australia


A quality & exclusive service

We see each of our client as unique


Discretion & confidentiality


Professionalism & experience

We deliver our services in a very discreet manner

We combine over 10 years in the industry 

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