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Our Dating Coach Services 

Sometimes, Dating Coaching is the answer

You certainly are awesome, attractive, and intelligent but there might be things that detriment you during your dating experiences.


Matchmaking and dating coaching often goes hand in hand.

Executive matchmakers are often the best dating coaches you can find, because they set their clients on dates every day. They see and hear it all, and provide the necessary feedback and guidance.

Our high-end matchmaking practice is our laboratory.

The knowledge we have gained over the years is invaluable. That is why we also put our expertise as dating coach to guide you towards a better, more authentic version of yourself while also seeming attractive to the other sex.

We provide highly personalised dating coaching, suited to both women and men specificities. 

Dating Coaching for Women

Seduction is important, but there is more than that. Being a good lover is something that needs to stay on the long run.

In our One-to-One personal sessions, where we will teach how to: 


  • Maximise your natural beauty, something men are fond of. We're French, we know.

  • Get the necessary ingredients and the right balance that will make a man not only excited about you but want to stick around long-term.

  • Attract la crème de la crème man, one of the highest calibre man by cultivating the right attitude and being feminine while taking on the world.

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Dating Coaching for Men

We provide highly personalised dating coaching suited for men. This includes help with the following:

  • Find out what women really want in a man

  • Learn the art of playfulness & wit

  • Become assertive & stand up for yourself

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